Creating stories that engage and inspire

The best stories help each of us find and articulate our purpose. However we define that for ourselves, we want to be part of something real and exciting.

Any great business provides that for everyone they come into contact with. Somewhere to belong and something to take ownership of.  We help our clients find it, communicate it and celebrate it.

Along the way, we have come to understand that the thing you remember about people is how they make you feel.  If we love working with our writers, producers, directors and animators it’s because all our clients offer us an opportunity to produce videos that leave people feeling inspired, entertained, included and informed.

Our experience and our network makes sure that, as well as giving each project our total focus, we’re bringing to bear a depth and breadth of expertise and creativity.




Our Values

  • Bru is a slang term for brother in South Africa. It resounds with the meaning that comes with being there for each other, going on adventures, being able, to be honest with each other, not taking each other too seriously and the emotional shorthand that develops between two people who trust and respect each other. It’s how we related to our clients, it’s how we relate to our collaborators and it’s how we relate to each other.


  • Part of the furniture. This actually has less to do with Adam’s love of wood chopping and whittling, and more to do with how we’ve come to find ourselves welcomed by our clients. With so many stories to tell and so little time, you need a team that you would grab a coffee with or pick up the phone to as quickly and frequently as you would anyone else in your immediate team. Plans change, goalposts change, new opportunities arise and part of telling the best story is being responsive enough to make the most of each of those situations. 


  • Your story in your voice. Sincerity and authenticity is the most crucial building block for holding attention and inviting people into a world. Once we’re dealing with what’s really important to you, that’s when we can get inventive and playful while retaining the beating heart of where the story is coming from.



our Mission


Stories built to last 

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 18.50.34.png

David's heart in goliaths body

Much like the best paratroopers, you can drop us in at almost any point of the process to devastating effect. Whether we’re collaborating to create the original concept or helping to bring it into the world, we’re able to hit the ground running.

A Core team …

We know our clients rely on our continuity of leadership within Bru. You need to have one trusted, accountable team running things no matter how many moving parts to a project. We believe that you deserve someone who knows your business, who understands and shares your goals and ultimately someone who has your back.

With friends in interesting places

Your story isn’t automatically a series of 30 second TV spots any more than it is an ongoing docu-series. We believe in genuinely finding out what it is and making sure we can deliver it. That’s why our team is set up so that we offer you expertise, flexibility and scalability.

Once we’ve agreed on the medium, and which of our services best suit the purpose, Production isn’t like waking a sleeping giant anymore. Whether you need a series of animations, talking head interviews, or a multi-national SFX, stunt coordinated commercial with cats, kites and helicopters, we can deliver it to the highest standard possible.

…And a global reach

We’ve produced around the world enough times, and for long enough, to know how to approach just about any situation. Whether it’s the best team, local union laws, drone permits or simply best practices, we make sure that it’s not seen as a ‘foregin production’ coming into town.