Branded & Digital Content

We learned a long time ago that people may not remember what you say or do but they do remember how you make them feel.

We work with brands directly and with agencies to create films make people feel that they want to be part of the story.

Documentary Interviews & Narrative Fiction films

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Branded Content

Celebrated Actor and Director, partnered with a brand, to direct a bespoke short film.

We have co-produced films for well known brands for launch events across the world.

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Digital Content


Video engages audiences and in the digital world, engagement is key. Consumers have so many options online where to spend there time but it has been proven that targeted movie images and video content increase audience participation by 70%. 

We love making videos with our writers, producers, directors and animators. Our clients offer us an opportunity to produce videos that leave people feeling inspired, entertained, included and informed.


Examples of Work


Youtube - Small Business

How small companies use Youtube to generate advertising.

Client: Youtube

Director: Tom Allen

Chivas Made for Gentlemen

Helping us to hit the ground running, our friends at EVB & Chivas Regal teamed up with the nation’s favourite Savile Row renaissance man, Patrick Grant, to celebrate the launch of the new Chivas 12 tin.The brief: To create a film showcasing why the relationship between two powerhouses of class, tradition and cutting edge design go hand in glove … or leg in expertly crafted trouser? We can think of worse ways to spend the day than sharing a dram of Chivas 12 while getting a bespoke suit with the experts at Norton and Sons.

Agency: EVB

Client: Chivas Regal

Director: Adam Shakinovsky


Examples of Digital Content Videos

  • Animation,

  • 360 Video / VR, 

  • Video Hosting,

  • Live Streaming,

  • Recruitment Videos,

  • Product Video,

  • Customer Testimonials,

  • Training video,

  • Conference Video,

  • Event Video,

  • Awards Videos,

  • Trade-show videos,

  • Product Launches,

  • Festival Videos,

  • Live Streaming,

  • CSR Videos,

  • Awareness Videos,

  • Campaign Insights,

  • Fundraising Videos,

  • Legacy Videos,

  • Supporter endorsements,

  • Video Distribution,

  • Rapt media,

  • You-tube Campaign,

  • Facebook,

  • Ads,

  • Twitter Ads,

  • Instagram Ads,

  • Spotify Ads.