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1. The idea

No point chopping down the tree until we’ve sharpened the axe.  And chosen a tree…

We start with your brief. We research you, the context and the competition. Then we get to work on the creative routes for the project/campaign.  


2. Development

That’s when we call on our writers, art directors, creative or producers to help answer the brief boldly and ambitiously. You’ll get three creative routes to feedback on. After we’ve reworked them you’ll sign off one and then we’re off to the races.


3. Preproduction

Storyboarding, shortlisting, location scouting, casting, lighting tests, production design, VFX prep, wardrobe design, all pulled together into one neat document for a granular and encyclopedic pre production meeting.



4. Production

Lights, camera, action – or… look and feel, animatics and animate! This is where we put into practice the months of thinking research, reworking and refining.



5. Post

The final part of the writing process. Our editors take one more objective look at what we got on the day and see if there’s another perspective to bring to the table. As the project is still going, the ideas are still live.

Delivery, support and learnings

Whatever the format, this is where we get you everything you need, archive it on our system and see what comes.


Packages of Video Production

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Pre-Production - 1 day

Shoot - 1 day

Location - 1 

Post Production - 3 days




Pre-Production - 2 days

Shoot - 2 days

Locations - 2

Post Production - 5 days

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Pre-Productions - 3+ days

Shoot - 3+ days

Locations - 3+ days

Post Production - 7 days + Extras